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 Although I am a retired physician I am not establishing a physician-patient relationship with you. If you need medical or psychological help I encourage you to seek professional assistance from a trained therapist or medical professional. This course does not substitute for an anatomy or physiology class and has been simplified to educate and convey a point to a greater number of people . 

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Re-wire Your Brain, Re-wire Your Life Offer

Each one of us was given an incredible gift, but most of us don’t know anything about it. For over two decades as a physician, I educated patients, parents, teachers and even health care professionals on brain based learning. My passion got even more personal when I needed to relearn many things following a traumatic brain injury in a 2013 accident.

I want to share with you the promise of the magnificent brain in 5 bite sized manageable lessons. Through the understanding of how our brains work you can begin to to make positive changes and move forward. This course will take you a few hours to complete. You can power through it in an afternoon or savor it over a few days to a week. 

This course will teach you in Lesson 1, the basics of the nervous system in Brain 101. Lesson 2  explains how the Brain and Body Work Together. With this foundation, you will appreciate Lesson 3 how we learn and why it's important. Lesson 4 shows you how to apply some Brain Hack tips to help you learn new things and unlearn some other things. The final lesson 5 is what happens next. It includes some very specific action steps for you to get started.  I promise it will be fun, informative and yes, even humorous, as I intertwine stories and lessons. So, let's get started and begin to change YOUR Life! You can take the control back and make positive steps forward. 

P.S. I am including two BONUSES for you as an added value thank you gift.The first is A Brain-Based Hack to Overcome Procrastination, the second is a video on the #1 Best Time Management Brain-Based Hack.