Stop being overlooked, overwhelmed and underappreciated.

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You are in the fast lane to nowhere...

You are at a crossroads and all paths are looking pretty bleak. You have been passed over one too many times, failed more than you would like to admit, and have been burned by the people you trust.

Stop giving your grief and hardship permission to run the show. Interrupt the dangerous narrative and thought patterns that are road blocking your success. The pain that has left you lost and feeling hopeless are not personality defects. Your challenges are not character flaws, and your traumas are not moral shortcomings.

As women, we have spent far too much time pushing through, accepting the status quo, being the scapegoat, or talking ourselves in circles. This is getting us nowhere, It doesn’t work, and it's time to find a new perspective.

Together we can harness our past struggles into the beacon to guide us into the next chapter. We can learn and use our past to design a life of purpose...and SIGNIFICANCE.

Can you imagine...

  • Achieving the ultimate work - life balance. I know it was beginning to sound like a mythical unicorn, but I swear it does exist!
  • Realizing YOU ARE ENOUGH... and others will realize it too! No more self doubt and negative self talk paralyzing your success.
  • Living in a cycle of abundance designed by you to fit your life and dreams. Stop letting other people define your success.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you achieve something you really want.

That is why I introduce to you...

The Bounce Highest Blueprint!

Are you ready to discover and claim the best version of you?


Nothing is wrong with you my friend. I am here to tell you that I get it. I hear you, I see you.. I was you! And tomorrow is a new day. Together we will chart a new path that takes you from overwhelmed to opportunity. We will take that pain you have experienced and repurpose into the fuel that will propel you higher than you even knew possible. I promise you that there will be a new day.

I will be on this journey with you. You’ve got this now!

Feeling like you're constantly hovering right above empty.
Having the energy to create a plan and clear goals to stay motivated.

Crying in the shower.
Recognizing your worth and embracing your zone of genius.

Feeling victimized and damaged
Reclaiming your narrative and turning those wounds into wisdom.

Feeling overlooked and insignificant.
Being a leader and an authority in your community.

If you're ready to go from being overlooked to being an authority, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way…

Here is the The Bounce Highest Blueprint for you!

By the end of this course you will not just bounce back, or bounce higher, but truly Bounce HIGHEST

"Thank you, Dr. Susan, for helping me overcome personal and professional obstacles. Your mentoring and motto of “strive for progress, not perfection” has helped me so much. Working with you and Bounce Highest has genuinely been a game changer in every aspect of my life, and I am forever grateful."

Debbie V- Business Owner, Multiple Income Stream Entrepreneur

We've Built Implementation Into The Curriculum To Make Sure You Reach The Finish Line...
So What's In The Bounce Highest Blueprint Anyways?

The Bounce Highest Blueprint is a 6 module course 6 modules + a bonus class “A lesson you can come back to that will re-center you and all you have learned” where we go right down to the core!

As someone who has been at rock bottom, I hold your hand, we share our pain and we work together using powerful and proven mindset techniques to forge a new path forward.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Embrace your own strength and vulnerability.
  • Learn how to create your own personal board of directors.
  • Learn how to go from overwhelm to seeing opportunities.
  • Adopt brain-based proven methods to rediscover HOPE and confidence.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's how the program breaks down...

Included in this program are Zoom office hours for you to receive guidance and coaching support, more individual coaching is available when added on.


We provide comprehensive video courses designed for women, providing tangible resources, strategies and practices to help shift your mindset and eliminate barriers to success. There are over 40 videos in bite size lessons. 


You’ll gain instant access to incredible downloadable resources like my extensive workbook and actionable handouts. Ok, I am really excited about this 62 page companion workbook. It is designed to help you create a working breathing tool as you design YOUR Me 2.0!


You don't have to go at it alone! You wil find yourself in a safe community of like-minded women who can offer support along the way.


I'm Susan Hughes, MD.

I am Dr. Susan Hughes, a certified life coach, a #1 International Best Selling Author, an International Speaker, a now retired physician, and an unapologetic traumatic brain injury survivor.

I have been educating people for over two decades on how the brain works and how we can improve our learning and our lives.

I was the typical over-extended physician, wife, and mom to two amazing kids. I owned multiple businesses and I was looking for options to decrease my workload and improve life balance.

The universe answered in an unexpected way. I was in a wicked car accident and as we spun my head hit the window. I retired and focused on my car accident recovery. I then transitioned from a full time physician to a healer and now get to help people and their business.

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You are ready to visualize your life from a new perspective.
  • You want to quickly gain clarity of your values.
  • You are ready to stop looking at your past failures and traumas as roadblocks to your success.
  • You are ready to create a blueprint for the next chapter of your life to guide you towards ultimate success.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I Can't Wait To Welcome You Into

 The Bounce Highest Blueprint!

"That was really awesome. I'm at the 30k feet and it's such a different and important perspective to take - I'm going to really sleep and think on it and I can't help but already be brain dumping for what's next as the pandemic has iced my professional slice of the pie -- this pediatrician really wants something different and I have been a flight of ideas but this is helping me really focus in. Thank you."

Dr. Tiffany Lahr

If you're ready to
Bounce Highest,


Let's start this journey together. With guidance, you see your life from a new perspective and gain new tools to lead yourself to a better version of you.

We all face challenge at some point in life whether it be an illness, injury in yourself or loved one, loss of career, financial upheaval, or all of them at the same time! My commitment is to sit with you, acknowledge your grief, your pain, your anger and let you know that you will be OK and together, you’ll not just bounce back, or bounce higher, but truly Bounce HIGHEST .

Enroll in The Bounce Highest Blueprint
Choose the best plan for you...
  • On-demand learning with The Bounce Highest Blueprint 6 module course that contains over 40 videos ($2,997)
  • Twice A Month Office Hours (this will vary to allow flexibility) ($2,997)

  • Supportive Private Facebook Community: engage with others who are on the same path ($499)

  • A Customized Workbook With Actionable Steps ($149)