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“We all faces a challenge at some point in life whether it be an illness, injury in yourself or loved one, loss of career, financial upheaval or all of them at the same time like us. Our goal is to sit with you, acknowledge your grief, your pain, your anger and let you know that you will be OK. It may not be the same OK, but you will be better. You’ll not just bounce back, or bounce higher,  but truly Bounce HIGHEST . “  Dr. Susan Hughes

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How to Go from Overwhelm to Opportunity

Take a 30,000 foot view point to gain rapid clarity on where you need to focus to regain your balance. 

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Re-wire Your Brain, Re-wire Your Life

We all get a gift that most of us never heard of before. Neuroplasticity is an incredible ability of the brain to change, to heal , to grow and expand into something epic. it was my manta and now it can be yours too. 

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COMING SOON! You've Got This Now!

COMING SOON! This is the mega map to success that you’ve been seeking. This Multi step self paced course gives you the framework to have you rebuild and reimagine your life. You aren’t alone. You have support. You’ve Got This Now!

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I am Dr. Susan Hughes, a  #1 International Best Selling Author, Executive Coach Consultant, an International Speaker, a now retired physician and an unapologetic traumatic brain survivor. I have been educating people for over two decades on how the brain works and how we can improve our learning and our lives. I was the typical over-extended physician, wife and Mom to two amazing Kids. I had a busy family practice in the Pacific Northwest seeing pediatrics, adults, and even delivered over 3,000 babies. I owned multiple businesses and I was looking for options to decrease my work load and improve life balance. The universe answered in an unexpected way. I was in a wicked car accident and as we spun my head hit the window. I retired and focused on my recovery from the accident. I then transitioned from a full time physician to a healer. I am now an Executive Coach Consultant and help people and businesses Go From Impact to Being Impactful.

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A new perspective, a new mindset

"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it." Maya Angelou

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