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Re-wire Your Brain, Re-wire Your Life Offer

Welcome to Re-wire Your Brain, Re-wire Your Life! Life is too short! You have the ability and yes, even the obligation to design your own life. I am Dr. Susan Hughes, also known as "Dr. Susan" or even "Dr. Seuss" to my former pediatric patients. I have been educating patients, parents, educators and medical professionals for over two decades on how the brain works and what we can do to improve our learning. My passion for brain education got even more personal when I survived a traumatic brain injury and was forced to re-learn a lot of things in 2013. Through this process it was clear that having a basic understanding of the brain was essential to recovery from ANY setback, whether it be an accident like mine, a change in a job, loss, an unexpected event etc. I felt that I had an advantage in that I knew that I would get better. That is the purpose of this course, is to help instill that same knowledge and belief that YOU will get better, you will do more than bounce back. My goal is to help you understand and believe to your core that you will be able to Bounce Highest ! This course will teach you the basics of the nervous system in Brain 101. The next lesson is How the Brain and Body work together. These foundational aspect will help you better understand How We Learn and Why it’s Important. Next, you will be able to apply some Brain Hack tips to help you learn new things and unlearn some other things. Lastly, we will tie it all together and discuss what happens next. I promise it will be fun, informative and yes even humorous as I intertwine stories and lessons.  

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